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Винарството и моето семейство

The connection between winemaking and my family

                                                                                                                                                              By Yoana Kabakova

Many years ago my grandfather said not once nor twice but many times: ‘Do not spray the cherries by the road, people stop to pick some up without knowing they have recently been covered with poison.’ But recently or not every good agronomist knew that spraying produce makes the consumption of it unhealthier or even dangerous in the long run. My grandfather wished for a better future, but at the time there was no way he could make a living for his family by organic farming. That time was yet to come.

But when it came it was too late. My mother’s favorite person in the world fell ill with cancer. She still had hope for grandfather getting better and so she decided to make changes in her life. Changes that would allow them to spend more time together after he recovers and mend the distance they have made along the years.

The job that grandfather once forbid his daughters to pursue was what my mother was planning to do. She had decided to start a winemaking business without the harmful chemicals which led to my grandfather’s illness, because now it was finally plausible. And so she started building the foundations of what she wished would become her father’s as well as hers permanent obligation. But then not so long after Christmas and New Year…he died.

My mother…well …she didn’t give up on her business. She saw the potential it had. The potential to spread awareness for organic farming and how we shouldn’t harm the Earth which has given us life with chemicals or in any other way. As well as the potential of it growing and bringing the rest of the family together as it becomes a family business.

My mother believes that we should love and cherish the Planet as well as appreciate what it gives us. Do you?