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Thracian Legends Wines‘Thracian Legends’ is a project of Katerina Dimitrova which includes her family’s organic vineyards, cherry gardens and a small winery. The plantations are in the town of Aytos, under the Balkans, where the climate is exceptionally favourable for organic farming. The plantations are 40-year-old ones and new ones, both of which are set to have low fruiting so that they do not have to be treated with any plant protection products other than organic fertilizers. Katerina’s father – Dimitur Nikolov used to take care of those plantations years ago when he was deputy chairman of the Aytos Cooperative. He would often try to forbid people from spraying the cherry trees beside the road because others would stop-by to pick some fruit without knowing that the trees have been treated with chemicals. To him Katerina has devoted her essay ‘Orpheus for harmony’, which you can read on her website ‘Thracian Legends’.

The well-known Thracian Orpheus has been captivating nature with harmony on our lands well before 4000 years. The idea that we should live in harmony with nature in order to live a good life, is an everlasting wisdom. Stephen Spurier himself, one of the biggest legends in the wine world, has read that very essay and has written to Katerina that he has learned new things from her! And really, you can really find true harmony between human activities and nature in the plantations belonging to ‘Thracian Legends’.

The ladybug, which is the official symbol of the Bulgarian bioproduct, is very widespread there. It is a bioagent, an insect, which feeds both on the eggs of the fruit worm and of the aphid. Many of the newly planted trees have mulch from grass clippings or crumpled bushes or trees placed around them, the mulch keeps moisture and protects the small plants from being suffocated by weeds.

From recently the wines are being exported to Luxembourg and Japan. ’Thracian Legends’ is the only producer of organic wine with a natural aroma of the best quality rose in the world, the Bulgarian rose. In the end of the year 2019 this wine had been picked out by Lambrin Sotirov, the creator of the first Bulgarian wine map for the participation in the showcase in the Bulgarian embassy in Zagreb, together with some of the finest quality Bulgarian wines.

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